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Weird Weather- Wordless Wednesday

Weird Weather- Wordless Wednesday

Even though no one told the weather, Fall is almost here.  We’ve had some very strange weather here in Southern California with high humidity (we’re a desert!) and lots of heat.  Last night as soccer practice ended the sky was purple rather than it’s normal red. Catalina (a small island 26 miles off the coast … Continue reading

So Cal Sunset…Wordless Wednesday

Things have been rather hectic here at the homestead with school starting and all the craziness associated with that!  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the view (I was going to say “stop and enjoy the view,” but who has time to stop?) along the way.  Driving home from practice isn’t all bad when you … Continue reading

Hidden Jewel- Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday was a day filled with many little frustrations and a million phone calls, but when I arrived at our new practice location I took a deep breath and marveled at God’s creation.  People often ask me why I stay and watch my girls practice.  Of course I enjoy watching them, but the real reason … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday- Splash!

Little Soccer Girl’s team had a swim party at a teammate’s house last weekend and the girls had so much fun going down the waterslide.  It was team bonding at its finest. It was one of those nights where you think, “I am in the perfect place, at the perfect time doing the perfect thing.”  … Continue reading