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Look what came in the mail…

Look what came in the mail…

It’s her super cute “I can’t, I have soccer” t-shirt!  It’s a bit on the big side, but it works.  She loves it and wore it right away!  You can order your own @soccergrlprobs t-shirt  here.  For more info on those crazy soccer girls click here. I guess this could count as Fashion Friday, right?? … Continue reading

Fashion Friday- Toms

I haven’t written a Fashion Friday lately because it’s been so hot around here!  (Well, hot for us beachy folk)  Tank tops and shorts are not the stuff that fashion posts are made of.  Now that school starts next week, I’m thinking about wearing some shoes besides flip flops.  I went to check out the … Continue reading

Summer Straw Bags- Fashion Friday

I’ve always wanted a summery straw bag, but I’m really sensitive to “itchy” things and most bags seem to be a bit too rough.  This week while spending the day with my parents, I spotted one that was the trifecta…soft, cute and inexpensive!  My sweet mom offered to buy it for me so now I’m … Continue reading

Soccer Mom Tournament Wear- Fashion Friday

In the summer, most club soccer teams play numerous weekend tournaments.  Tournaments usually consist of at least three games over two days  and some travel.  After two years of cool summers here in Southern California, this one is hot!  Days are long so you want to be comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t … Continue reading

Fashion Friday- Dresses

I love dresses- especially in the summer!  Working in Children’s Ministry at our church demands a comfortable, modest outfit, but I always try to look cute as well.  Wearing a dress with a cardigan, statement necklace and wedges has become my church uniform.  Having a “uniform” makes getting dressed early in the morning so much … Continue reading

Wish List- Fashion Friday

This time of year is usually GREAT for sales prices and I’ve made a little wish list… This J Crew shirt would be great for 4th of July, the Olympics and the soccer field! Cute and patriotic…I love stripes.  It’s not on sale yet though.   I love the colors in this lightweight J Crew … Continue reading

Fun iPhone Cases- Fashion Friday

I’ve written about how much I depend on my trust iPhone to run my life, but aside from functionality, choosing a pretty case is so much fun!  I started out with the black and white case below.  You probably remember Petunia Picklebottom from your baby days, but they have branched out into all sorts of … Continue reading