Exxo Arm Sleeves Review

The Denver, Colorado based company Exxo Armwear sent me some of their Flow arm sleeves for my girls to review.


I was intrigued by the concept of just wearing sleeves underneath a jersey to add some protection from cold, sun and wind.  Little soccer girl especially gets super warm while wearing a full Under Armor shirt.  When the sleeves arrived they were lightweight and seemed well made.

Of course the two weeks after they sent me the sleeves it’s been 90 degrees!  Ha!  Finally this week, the weather has been much cooler (although it’s heating up again for the weekend) and Big Soccer Girl was ready to experiment.  She gets cold easily, but is often frustrated by the bulk of a sweatshirt or jacket during practice.

Putting on the sleeves took a few minutes, but she easily did it by herself.  (Don’t you love her pink shirt?  Her team is wearing them for October Breast Cancer Awareness month- it makes me so happy to see her looking like a girl!)  She’s wearing the XS/S size.


After getting them on, she said they were comfortable, but was a bit worried that they were going to fall down during practice.  Under a regular t-shirt or jersey you wouldn’t even know they were just sleeves, but with the ladies fit shirt the top of her arms sometimes peeked out.  They did roll down a bit during practice, but nothing that would interfere with regular play.



She wore the sleeves for the entire practice and didn’t feel the need for a jacket or sweatshirt.  This was unusual for her as many of the other girls were wearing jackets.  (Keep in mind that this is Southern California and cold for us is anything under 65 degrees)  She liked the freedom of movement the sleeves gave her and said that she’d like to wear them again.  My only concern was keeping the two sleeves together and not losing them!  I stuck them in a ziplock bag, so hopefully we won’t lose them.

I’m going to try them out on little soccer girl next…


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