Team Snap- A Managers Best Friend? Update


Back in March I wrote about switching from Shutterfly to Team Snap to help manage both my girls’ teams. Both teams paid the $79 for the Premium plan (nope, not a sponsored post) as I wanted the ability to track statistics and have space for unlimited photos.  One thing that really sold me on Team Snap was the free mobile ap, but although I was happy to have it, it was frustratingly limited.  It was a good way to view game times, player availability and roster details but that’s about it.  I guess many people felt the same way I did and Team Snap listened!  I was even able to be a part of their Beta testing (I felt so techy!) as they worked to improve Team Snap mobile.

Recently the update became available to all and you and your iPhone can now do the following out on the soccer (or football/baseball/etc) pitch:

  • Change player availability
  • Enter game scores (good news, bad news, right?)
  • Add and edit games and events
  • Add and edit rosters

Team Snap had a cute graphic on their blog about mobile usage.

TeamSnap Mobile Fun Facts

Now a good managing system has reached a whole new level and it makes the whole Team Snap experience much better. I recommend using Team Snap and plan on continuing to use it to manage both my teams.

What are you using to manage your teams?


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