Is it Summer or Fall? Al Fresco Family Night


Our crazy hot summer weather has continued into the Fall.  Like I’ve said before, we’re spoiled here in Southern California (I had someone tell me today, “This is nothing, honey, if I was back in Missouri I’d be wearing a sweater) so we wilt in the hot weather.  Little soccer girl’s game on Saturday felt like one of the hottest ever.  One thing that we’ve been enjoying is the unusually warm evenings.  Usually you always need a jacket to sit outside at night near the coast, but lately it’s been amazingly warm.  We savored the warm evening with Family Dinner/Game night al fresco…

2012-10-01 07.14.57

2012-10-01 07.15.56

Big soccer girl beat everyone- even though I got a Yahtzee!  I’m not quite sure what happened here though.  It looks like one of those Big Foot sighting quality photos.

2012-10-01 07.10.53


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