Ole Ole Ole Ole….Galaxy, Galaxy

Yep, we went to another MLS Galaxy game last night.  The Galaxy faced the Puerto Rico Islanders as a part of the CONCACAF Champions League.  My girls won free tickets from a tournament (more on this another day…) and the Home Depot Center offered free parking for everyone, so off we went!  (Yes, my kids are back in school, but we just pretended it was still summer!)  It was a beautiful night with temps in the 80s- even at 8pm.  That’s highly unusual around here.

2012-08-29 20.10.24

As I’ve said before, the Home Depot Center is a beautiful place to watch a soccer match.


It was pretty empty that evening because of a crowd limiting agreement that the Home Depot Center has with Cal State Dominguez Hills, so half the stadium was blocked off.  It looked a bit odd, but the small crowd was certainly loud!  The game was exciting with lots of scoring (Galaxy won 4-0) and physical play.  Beckham had been sick, but was dressed and on the bench.  His walk across the field was greeted with enthusiastic cheers, but he never entered the game.


As always, the girls had a great time.



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