Fashion Friday- Toms

I haven’t written a Fashion Friday lately because it’s been so hot around here!  (Well, hot for us beachy folk)  Tank tops and shorts are not the stuff that fashion posts are made of.  Now that school starts next week, I’m thinking about wearing some shoes besides flip flops.  I went to check out the Toms site and found these lovelies…  (All images are linked)

Black Suede Women's Desert Wedges

Toms Suede Desert Wedges- Love these new wedge boots!  I’m definitely going to have to pick these up.

Black Canvas Women's Strappy Wedges

Toms Strappy Wedges- So maybe they’re not exactly meant for cold weather, but it’s California- we don’t really have any.  Black means it’s a Fall/Winter shoe, right?

Black Vegan Women's Wrap Boots

Vegan Women’s Wrap Boots- I’m not quite sure how these work, but they are certainly interesting.  Not sure I’d have time for this in the morning!

Silver Women's Glitters

I know…I think I’m too old for these, but I still want them.  I wish I could get them for my girls, but at the moment they are very anti-sparkle.  I may just have to sparkle for the whole family!

After I give the credit card a rest from all our summer expenses I’m ordering a few of these.  Who knows, you might recognize me on the field with my sparkly shoes!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- Toms

  1. Totally agree – COOL boots, but not sure how they’d work. And I love those sequin TOMS! But my 10-year-old wants them, so I’m probably too old.

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