Meet Bubbles

Meet Bubbles the Betta Fish- the newest member of our family adopted by little soccer girl.  Good luck little Bubbles!

2012-08-14 14.47.37

Cutest label ever…

2012-08-14 14.48.07

This is not our first foray into the world of the Betta fish.  After vast experience I had decided never again.  Yep, it’s another example of never say never.  Oh well, at least he can survive a weekend soccer tournament without a babysitter.


2 thoughts on “Meet Bubbles

  1. Awesome. My daughter just left for college with 2 new beta fish in a bowl. I guess they are the dorm mascot, as she ventures off to play soccer with her new team. Thankfully, they survived the ride. 🙂

    • They are pretty hardy fish which definitely comes in handy. I’m letting her keep it in her room which could have some negative consequences. but she’s so excited about little Bubbles.

      Good luck to your daughter!!!

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