Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Club Soccer Manager…A Tuesday Top Ten

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I came across a few great top ten lists on Yahoo Sports including Ten Ways You know You’re a Soccer Mom and I was inspired to write my own.  I manage both my girls’ teams which I really enjoy doing, but is not an easy task.  Here’s some of the ways you can tell if you’re a Soccer Manager…

10.  Your house is littered with registration forms and tournament receipts

9.  Your soccer bag always contains player cards, extra jerseys, a first aid kit and a bottle of water for the coach

8. Your iPhone invariably runs out of battery on the weekends with everyone calling and texting you

7. You are the king/queen of Gmail, Google maps, Team Snap, Yelp and Shutterfly

6. You spend almost as much time on soccer as on your real job (shhhhhhh….)

5.  The most common phrase uttered by your team’s parents is “I don’t know, ask {insert your name here}.  He/She’ll know!”

4.  The coach almost always answers your phone calls (bonus!) but doesn’t always take your advice

3. You have the So Cal Soccer Forum as your home page so you can always know the latest gossip and can apply for a friendly at a moments notice

2. You spend hours sending emails, organizing events and updating schedules to have someone call you and say, “Can you just tell me what’s going on?  I got your email but I didn’t really read it.”

1. You’ve experienced nightmares, panic attacks and loss of sleep about forgetting to bring the player cards and having to forfeit a game.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Club Soccer Manager…A Tuesday Top Ten

  1. Love your top 10 list. I’m new to being a team manager for my daughter’s club soccer team… the coach said “it’s just a bit of paperwork!”.
    Your list perfectly describes my new “job”. And so happy that I’m not the only one going through this crazy soccer life.
    #2 is my favorite 🙂

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