My Kid Held Hands with an EPL Player or Swansea City vs Ventura Fusion

Last Saturday Big Soccer Girl had the chance to “walk out” onto the field with a Swansea City (from the English Premier League) player as they were on their North American “tour.”  Our coach plays for the Ventura Fusion (a semi-professional team) who took on Swansea City in pre-season friendly.  Yep, we saw two EPL teams in one week!

This time it was much more up close and personal as our girls got to not only play on the field beforehand, but walk out with the players.  My girl walked out with #33, defender Ben Davies.  He’s only 19!


It was sweet (and a little frightening…my girl is growing up!) to see her having a conversation with him as they walked on the field.  She looked perfectly comfortable chatting away about who knows what!  She also was excited as another player complimented her on her “boots.”  (Yep, another new pair)


I couldn’t help but think what a change in venue this must be for the EPL guys who are highly paid and get to play in places like Old Trafford.  I guess it’s just all part of a day’s work.  As for us, we were exhausted by the end of the game as little soccer girl had already played in a tournament earlier that day.


All in a day’s work for a soccer mom…


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