LA Premier FC So Cal Summer Showcase- Tournament Tell All


I’m starting a new feature here on the ol blog- Tournament Tell All.  Over the summer we spend most of our weekends traveling around Southern California attending tournaments.  As always, all opinions are my own and based on personal experience unless otherwise noted.  If you have reviews of your own, please add in the comments!

Name: LA Premier FCSo Cal Summer Showcase

Dates:July 21-23, 2012 (This tourney has Monday Championship games)

Cost:$595 (a bit high!)

Location:Pasadena area

Application Process/Coaching Conflicts:  The application process was easy, and they accommodated our requests for no coaching conflicts.  Our Sunday schedule was crazy with a 9am game and a 7:50pm game!  If we had advanced to the final it would have been at 9am on Monday morning.

Check In: Friday night check- blech!  Fortunately, my good friend checked our team in so I didn’t have to go- hooray!

Rules:10 Point System; 25 minute halves

Number of Teams at our Age Level:  8 teams with one flight

Strength of Competition: Overall there were not a lot of strong teams at our age level.  None of the top teams were there, but LA Premier itself has a good team…and we lost to them.  Overall we scored 16 goals and had 1 against and didn’t make it to the finals…oops!  There was a team from El Paso, Texas playing so it was fun to see a team from another state.

Fields: We played at La Canada High School which has two nice fields- grass and turf.  Unfortunately playing on a turf field when it’s 90 degrees is not a great experience.  It’s an older field so the heat radiates off the black surface underneath the “green.”  There is a big grassy area near the field to set up camp for your team and there were refreshments and snow cones available at the field.  Permanent restrooms are available at the field.  Other fields used were Pasadena HS, Glendale Sports Complex, Muir HS, Victory Park and Villa Park.

Weather:  Hot!  La Canada is hot and smoggy, but beautiful.

Restaurants/Attractions: We ate at Dish Restaurant which was wonderful!  They were very accommodating and sat us all at big tables in the bar area.  The food was great as was the service.  Definitely call ahead and reserve a table if you have a big group.

Overall Thoughts:This is the first time we’ve played in this tournament and I’m not sure I would go back.  We did get 4 guaranteed games which was great, but our schedule was crazy.  I’ve never been so happy not to advance to the finals.

The tournament itself was a bit disorganized with the referees not knowing how long the halves were.  The game before ours played at 30 minute half and then a 20 minute half because the refs didn’t know the halves were supposed to be 25 minutes.  It didn’t appear that they bothered to tell the coaches judging by how one of them was screaming that there was still time on the clock.  In our game they also had wacky timing because they started the clock when the game was supposed to start, not when it actually started about 5 minutes later.  They didn’t leave enough time between games (5 minutes!) so there was no warm up time on the field whatsoever.  None of this really affected the girls, but it was kind of amusing.  If the game had been close it would have been a concern.


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