Summer Straw Bags- Fashion Friday

I’ve always wanted a summery straw bag, but I’m really sensitive to “itchy” things and most bags seem to be a bit too rough.  This week while spending the day with my parents, I spotted one that was the trifecta…soft, cute and inexpensive!  My sweet mom offered to buy it for me so now I’m toting the Betmar bag below.  It’s so fun for summer and is a great shape so it doesn’t totally collapse when I put it down.  I especially like the long robe handles which make it easy to carry along with my various other things that I’m lugging around.  I’m not sure how it’s going to stand up to the soccer field, but at least the bottom is a different color and hey pink and green look good together, right?  (Maybe mix a little brown in there too- lol)

Here’s a few other straw bag ideas from Zappos ranging from cheap chic to a bit on the expensive side.  All items are linked.


Bag by Betmar- under $50


Brighton $180- love this one, but not the price.


Cole Haan on sale for $159- love the turquoise.


O’Neill only $48- great surfer girl vibe


Foley and Carinna $220- another fun blue one.

Happy Fashion Friday!


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