Galaxy vs Tottenham

Summer is the time for the English Premier League teams to make their rounds in the US for a series of exhibition games.  Tuesday was the Galaxy’s turn to test their squad against the Tottham Hotspurs which finished fourth in the Premier League last season.  We were fortunate enough to be given great tickets by one of Big Soccer Girl’s vacationing teammates and were excited to see an EPL team up close and in action.

The Home Depot Center is an unexpected beautiful little gem in the middle of the city and we always enjoy going to games.  Even though we were a bit disappointed that Beckham (ok, I was really disappointed Beckham wasn’t there!) and Donovan were not going to be attending due to the MLS All Star game, the girls were especially excited because their beloved coach would be sitting with us.  Little Soccer Girl even got to ride with him to the game in his car!  (He said she didn’t say one word…lol!)


The game had a great start with a header goal from Tottenham, but after the Galaxy tied it up at 1-1 the game quickly turned into a rotating door of subs and poor play.  Oh well, it was still fun to go, see friends and enjoy a nice evening.


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