Soccer Mom Tournament Wear- Fashion Friday

In the summer, most club soccer teams play numerous weekend tournaments.  Tournaments usually consist of at least three games over two days  and some travel.  After two years of cool summers here in Southern California, this one is hot!  Days are long so you want to be comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute too.
I always layer my outfits with a sweatshirt and then a light tank/t-shirt underneath. I add a cute pendant type necklace (I especially like Lisa Leonard Designs with my kids’ names), my sunnies and of course my Havianas and I’m ready to go. I have enough to worry about with player cards, sunscreen, driving and feeding everyone to have to be concerned about any wardrobe malfunctions.

A word to the wise about wearing white…last weekend I wore a white shirt and my 9am it looked lovely with the salsa I spilled on myself from my breakfast burrito…lol.


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