Fashion Friday- Dresses

I love dresses- especially in the summer!  Working in Children’s Ministry at our church demands a comfortable, modest outfit, but I always try to look cute as well.  Wearing a dress with a cardigan, statement necklace and wedges has become my church uniform.  Having a “uniform” makes getting dressed early in the morning so much easier.  Another plus is that if one of my girls has a game after church I can take off the cardigan, necklace and wedges, add some flip flops and be ready for the soccer field.

Target and Old Navy have a large selection of dresses that are reasonable, comfortable and cute.  J Crew and Ann Taylor Loft have great lightweight cardigans to throw over the top.

Here are some ideas…


This one is my favorite!  I’m not tall, so I usually don’t need to worry about the lengths of my skirts.



Maxi dresses are easy to wear, but sometimes they just have too much fabric for me!  If it’s really hot, a maxi dress is definitely out.

I’m linking up with Jo-Lynn at Musings of a Housewife for Fashion Friday


5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- Dresses

  1. Love the first look with the striped cardi! So cute. 😉 I’m petite too, so short is usually fine, but maxi dresses usually require giant wedges or hemming. 😉

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