After three weeks off, little soccer girl’s team returned to action on Saturday with a local Round Robin Friendly.  After making sure we had everything we needed, we set off for the games.  As I sat watching the first game, I thought, “Wow, it really has been a while since little soccer girl played…she seems to always be a step off.”  My next thought was, “It looks like she’s having trouble finding the ball…oh, no!  She is having trouble finding the ball because I forgot to remind her to put her contacts in!!”  (Yes, she probably be responsible for that, but she’s only 9!)  So, I had to drive back home (luckily it wasn’t too far) and grab her contacts before the next game.  Even though it wasn’t easy, she persevered and got her contacts in at the field using only a little mirror.  Needless to say, the next game went much more smoothly.

At least I wasn’t responsible for this…



4 thoughts on “Ooops

  1. I’m so surpised how many games your girls play every weekend-from friendlies, to guest playing…We are now on our second year of club (going U10) and on second club team and play maybe every two weeks. I think it’s great your girls get the opportunity and WANT to play that much!

    • They do love to play, but they don’t really play every weekend. It probably looks like it because I have the two girls! I think we all enjoy the friendlies because there isn’t any pressure and we get to meet a lot of different people. Are you playing a lot of tournaments this July?

      • Hi-we are playing four tournaments this summer-this weekend we are at Slammers, one more in July and Blues in September. How about you?

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