Fun iPhone Cases- Fashion Friday

I’ve written about how much I depend on my trust iPhone to run my life, but aside from functionality, choosing a pretty case is so much fun!  I started out with the black and white case below.  You probably remember Petunia Picklebottom from your baby days, but they have branched out into all sorts of items, including fabulous iPhone cases.

Although I love the look and pattern of the case (one of my male friends asked me where I got it…he-he) I felt that it wasn’t durable enough to withstand my kids’ grubby hands and flying soccer balls.  I then purchased a Speck case which worked really well.

Speck cases are very durable and have a rubbery edge that helps the phone not slip out of your hand.  They do increase the bulk of your phone, but the protection is great.  I have one on my iPad as well and that thing has been through it all and survived.  After using (and abusing) the case for about 6 months, the rubbery edge started to fray a bit and look kind of ratty.  While on a trip to Office Depot this case caught my eye…

It’s a very similar design to the Speck case, but it’s an iFrog brand.  It’s a bit slimmer and doesn’t offer quite as much protection, but so far so good.  I love the polk-a-dots!

Here’s a few more fun options…

Love, love this Kate Spade design, but the on-line reviews weren’t very positive.

Another cute Petunia Picklebottom case

NEW - Multicolor Chevron  iPhone 4 or 4S Case  This etsy shop had a bunch of amazing designs.

Hmmm….looking at all these fun designs makes me want to invest in a few more!  What’s your iPhone wearing?

I’m linking up with Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife for Fashion Friday.


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