If you knew me in real life, you’d know that I’m usually the eternal optimist.  I’m not always little Miss Sunshine, but I always try to look on the bright side.  Not so much today.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still grateful for all the blessings in my life, but yesterday just sucked.

I was really looking forward to a fun day of soccer where both girls were playing two “friendly” games each at the same place!  Highly unusual around these parts.  Unfortunately I stayed up way too late the night before watching a silly tv show (darn Netflix) and waiting for hubby to get home from a late night at work.  I had also hosted a team “classroom strategy session” that night.

The day started early and just went downhill from there.  Here are some of the highlights…

-I had a hard time finding the address on my GPS…the same address I had sent out to all the parents

-It was hot!  (at least for this beach girl)

-The little soccer girls started out REALLY slow in their first game…but managed to win

-One of the little soccer girls who already has some attention issues had gone to a sleepover party the night before.  Not pretty.

-They told us the wrong field number for the big girls’ game so I had people moving tents and stuff back and forth across the entire place.  Lovely.  Sometimes I really hate being the manager.

-The big girls got their butts kicked and my big soccer girl sat on the bench for much of the game…even though there was only one sub.

-It was hot! (especially for my big soccer girl…that probably explains the bench time!)

-Our coach had to leave early to get to another event, so we had a guest coach for most of the last two games

-The little girls completely fell apart in their second game, with the other sideline screaming, nasty soccer, and girls pushing which culminated in one of our girls getting a RED CARD.

-Really?  A red card for a 9 year old in a friendly game?  I didn’t see the play, but I was told that the other girl hooked her arms and she flung herself free.  Is making our girls play short when they are already losing really a positive experience?  Since it was just a friendly, couldn’t they have just asked her to be subbed out?  We really could have used our coach at that point.

-To top it all off we said we’d stop by a party that evening after soccer.  We arrive with kids and dressed from soccer to an elegant cocktail party where there are no kids.  Nice.

OK, I feel a lot better for venting.  Thanks for listening.  Like I said, I‘m always looking for the bright side.  Now maybe I can see it…

-No one got hurt

-I got to spend time with some of my favorite people

-The fields were nice

-Both my girls had some great plays

-Both teams were trying to play beautiful soccer and connected lots of awesome passes

-Each team won one of their games

-Everyone had ice cream

-We were able to escape gracefully from the party after staying about 45 minutes

-I finally got to go to bed…in my nice house with my wonderful family

Maybe it wasn’t so craptastic after all…but I wouldn’t want to repeat it.


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