Summer Soccer Girl Style- Fashion Friday

Summer is here!  Both my girls have very specific styles which makes it very easy to buy clothes for them.  Although they spend at least half their time in soccer shorts and ugly grey club practice shirts, the rest of the time they need something to wear.  Both girls are obsessed with all things Abercrombie which happens to be an obsession I can fully support.  Their clothes are well made and although expensive at full price, there are frequently great sales on-line.  I love the preppy look and the fit is great for my super slim big soccer girl.

Big soccer girl (11) loves navy and white and wears a pair of jean shorts every day.  She gets cold so she’s always got a sweatshirt with her (remember June gloom=layers!) and of course no summer outfit is complete without flip flops.  She’s not a girly girl by any means, but she’s starting to develop her own style and is even occasionally including some pink…a color that has been banned from her wardrobe for a couple of years.  She begged me to buy her the Abercrombie bikini pictured here…but I had to say no as it was just too skimpy!  We’ll find a similar one with a bit more fabric to stick in her beach bag!   Instead of Easter baskets this year I bought both girls Abercrombie bags (on clearance of course!) to use for the pool, camp and beach this summer.  Quite brilliant if I do say so myself.

Soccer Girl Summer

Soccer Girl Summer by thesocalsoccermom featuring short shorts

My little soccer girl (almost 9!) is a little on the crazy side!  Although she also loves all things Abercrombie she will only wear the following: t-shirt or tank top and athletic shorts or leggings if it’s freezing.  No jeans, no jean shorts and definitely no pink.  She does love bright colors and has a thing for neon.  She’s a funny little thing who’s never cold so there’s no sweatshirt in her collage.  (Although she does have them and they are Abercrombie of course!)  She only will wear things that are “soft” and not “itchy” so she especially loves the Abercrombie soft fabrics.

Soccer Girl #2 Summer

Soccer Girl #2 Summer by thesocalsoccermom featuring tote handbag

I know this sounded like an advert for Abercrombie, but unless they are checking out who stalks their sale section, they have no idea who I am.  I do highly recommend their clothes though- especially if you have a daughter on the slim side.

I linked up with Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife for Fashion Friday


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