Balloons, Basketballs and Bungees…Oh My!

Yesterday was “Fifth Grade Fun Day” at my daughters’ school.  This is something that the kids look forward to from Kindergarten on…and it was finally my big soccer girl’s turn.  (sniff, sniff) My day began very early when I began my task of filling up water balloons.  As soon as I began I remembered that…I don’t do water balloons well!  They kept breaking on me and exploding everywhere and when the tears almost started flowing out of frustration I heard a little voice behind me say, “need some help?”  In yet another humbling experience, my 11 year proceeded to successfully fill and help me tie all the water balloons before 7:30am.  Although we both ended up soaking wet, we were successful in our task!  Phew…


Soon after, we were off to school where we began with a little promotion ceremony where I couldn’t help but tear up a bit.  My baby is going to middle school!  Hopefully she’ll still be willing to help me fill up water balloons…or maybe I’ll be smart enough not to volunteer for that task.

After the ceremony, the kids were let loose onto the field for their fun day.  A group of parents (not including me…ahem) had been working for months to put the event together.  Water slides, bouncy slides, bungee jumps, photo booths, food and more were all there for the kids to enjoy.  There also was a full range of carnival booths- one of which was my assigned place for the morning.  I guess they think of me as a “sporty” mom because I assigned to the basketball throw booth.  Now, I’d never really thought about the dangers of a basketball throw booth, but let me tell you it was a bit hazardous.  I had a great time though and ended up staying in there for about 2 1/2 hours.  This morning my body let me know that maybe that was too much time…

Meanwhile, soccer girl was having a great time getting soaked on the waterslide…


When I was finally freed from the booth, she was waiting to have her turn on the bungee jump.  So Cal soccer parents, you’ve.. all seen this guy at tournaments around the state and most likely had the same conversations I’ve had… “No, you can’t jump, you have 8 more games to play this weekend”…”No, I already spent all my money on hot dogs and sweatshirts so you can’t jump”…”No, the line is too long and I’ve been here since 7am”  and on and on.  Today, none of those excuses were true and she jumped to her heart’s content.  (Although I now a new excuse… “no you can’t jump, the bungee jump guy is hitting on all the moms”…lol)



All in all it was an amazing day and no June Gloom in sight…



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