Tall and Small…a Tail (ha ha) of Two Dogs


Our two dogs Jenson (named after Jenson Button the Formula One driver) and Nutmeg (named after the soccer move of kicking the ball between an opponent’s legs) are polar opposites.  Jenson is obedient, mellow and as faithful as the day is long.  Nutmeg is naughty, nutty and will run away at the drop of a hat.  Jenson has been a part of our family for over six years and is a combination of a laid back surfer dude and that geeky guy who had a crush on you in high school  (will you go out with me? will you go out with me? I love you! I love you!).  He’s also very similar to the dog in UP although he doesn’t go for squirrels much.  Nutmeg is a relatively new addition that we adopted after someone found her roaming the neighborhood.  She is super sweet to people, but growls and barks at other dogs.  It’s so embarrassing!

Poor Jenson had to have a fatty tumor removed last week and is currently sporting the “cone of shame.”  Poor boy- it’s been a hard week trying to keep the dogs apart and having him bumping into everything.  He’s supposed to get it off on Friday.  It won’t be a moment too soon for any of us.



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