From Soccer Girl to Flower Girl

My brother got married last weekend and my girls were thrilled to be selected as the flower girls.  Before getting ready for the wedding, Soccer Girl #1 had a game…soccergirl1

For once, I didn’t really care how she played- I just didn’t want her to get hurt before the wedding.  (I was praying for no broken noses, black eyes, or broken limbs)  Not only did she avoid any injuries, she had an amazing game.  There’s probably a message in there for me somewhere, but I didn’t have time to contemplate it because we had to rush to turn her from soccer girl to flower girl.  There was just one problem…


Yep, she asked to wear her cleats because they “matched.”  She had a point there, but fortunately she came around…


I don’t think they’ve ever stayed clean for so long and we all had such a wonderful time.  A little boy even asked her to dance!  I couldn’t believe how brave and polite he was.  He came up to our table and asked her, “May I have this dance?”  They then danced all by themselves on the dance floor!  She’s going to remember that for a long time.  As for me…it made me a bit sick to my stomach Smile


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