Soccer Girl Problems (@SoccerGrlProbs) Score Again!

Those hilarious Soccer Girl Problems girls have made another video where they translate “coach language.”  Although it’s not quite as funny as their first one, I love the “coaches” and their mustaches.  You’ll just have to watch it for yourself…

You can follow them on twitter @soccergrlprobs.  They also occasionally blog at Our Game Magazine.  Their latest post, Spring is in the Air, about the dos and don’ts of dating is pretty funny- even though my heart beats a bit faster at the thought of my soccer girls dating.  Here’s just a taste…

DO date someone that will always agree to the following:

-You weren’t offsides
-That ref hated you
-She tripped you
-Ya, she had a hat trick but you are wayyy prettier than her
-There’s no way you should have come out
– You were by far the best player on the field

No, I don’t know where they go to school…wish I did, but it seems to be a big mystery.  They talked about this in an interview with Yahoo Sports.  Regardless of where they go, I’m a fan of these dedicated, funny and beautiful girls!


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