Weekend Getaway

We celebrated Mother’s Day with some of my favorite things…soccer, sun, swimming and shopping.  After soccer on Saturday (my girls guested for the same team and played a couple of miles away from home…how convenient!) and church Saturday night, we took off Sunday morning for Palm Springs.  Although it was hot (104 degrees!) we cooled off in the pool.  It was just a mini-break and we returned home only 32 hours after we left, but it was fun nonetheless.


The game!  My hubby, the reluctant AR, got duped into being the linesman and at half-time got into an argument discussion with the referee about the ref’s off-side call that clearly wasn’t off-side.  (It just happened to be our kid…lol)  After that discussion, he decided to pass on his duties to someone else.  It’s unfortunate because, being British, I think knowing how to spot an off-sides is in his blood.   Good thing we headed off to Indian Wells to cool off…


I linked up with Sporty Mummy’s Active Kids Weekend


One thought on “Weekend Getaway

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend…and what lovely weather!! It’s getting really cold down here in Canberra…I’m jealous of that forecast 🙂

    (oh, I know what you mean…my partner is British as well….)

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