Typical Tuesday…

Kira at Her New Leaf, suggested that when you can’t think of what to write about, you share a day in your life.  All photos are from my iPhone…not the best, but you’ll get the idea.

My life can be a little hectic, especially on a typical Tuesday…


I stumble out of bed around 6, and my day always starts with coffee.  I love my Keurig!!  I very rarely go to Starbucks any more.


I usually play work on the computer for about an hour…reading, writing and catching up on email.


I often throw in a load of laundry just to keep up with the madness.

By this time the girls are usually up and about watching TV, kicking around a soccer ball or arguing with each other.

I keep on hand a lot of self serve nutritious breakfast options so that they can help themselves and not depend on me.


After dropping them off at school for the day (no school buses around here!) I usually come home and clear the kitchen a bit and make myself breakfast.  I’m not exactly Julia Child so my spinach, mushroom, cheese and egg white scramble is quite the accomplishment and fuels me up for the morning.


15 minutes later I’m off to work.  I love my job working in Children’s Ministry.

I attend a lot of meetings…


I leave work just in time to go pick up the girls from school, but today I made an unscheduled stop to surprise them.  Maybe not the best fuel for practice, but it was a special treat.


Driving, driving…


Home for snacks and a bit of homework


From school backpacks to soccer backpacks…


An hour later we’re back in the car and on the way to practice.  Fortunately my girls practice back to back at the same field!  It makes for a long evening, but we’ve had it much worse.


I enjoy watching the girls and getting a chance to gab with my friends and walk the track with the dogs.

We also get to see some beautiful sunsets…


Driving home


No pictures after this…it’s bed for the girls and a bit of TV for the hubby and me.  Then it’s bedtime before starting all over again the next day.  It may sound busy, but I love being able to do the things I do and being able to spend time with my girls.

Anything like your day??


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