Land’s End Nautical Tote

I’m always looking for the perfect soccer mom tote.  As the manager I need to drag around a bunch of things…team notebook, first aid, extra jerseys, etc…  I’ve been using my daughter’s old backpack (chewed by the dog so I got her a new one- the old one was good enough for me…lol) but things get lost in there and it can be hard to carry.  My new idea is an open tote with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.  Here’s what I came up with after a lot of searching.


Land’s End has great quality and I have several of their totes.  They aren’t exactly high fashion, and I usually purchase from their Land’s End Canvas line, but I didn’t want anything too pricey as  it will be thrown on the grass and most likely mud.  I got this one for 30% off and although it’s not on sale at the moment, I’m sure a special offer will come around again soon.  We’ll see how this one holds up as it’s going for its debut this weekend.


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