Dads and Daughters

Having two girls, it’s so interesting to watch their interactions with their dad.  They are fortunate to have a caring, loving father who is still married to their mother!  My own dad is a wonderful man and sometimes the strong silent type.  He was always there for me when I needed him…and still is.  His need for quiet time and his love for reading are traits that I’ve inherited.  My husband shares different interests with our girls (soccer…how did you guess?) and his crazy dances and antics are legendary.  But, he also has a very demanding job and is active in the community (not to mention our crazy club soccer schedule) so there isn’t always as much time to spend together as he’d like.

Last weekend he decided to join friends at a Father Daughter Dance with our two girls.  I have sweet memories of my dad taking me to the annual Father Daughter Dance, but I had forgotten the excitement of the event until it was time for my own girls to go.  The day began with us shopping for a new suit for Dad, and the girls were so excited to help him choose a shirt and tie to wear to the “big date.”  The afternoon was also filled with the girls and their friends talking about what they were going to wear and how they would do their hair.  (Mind you- these are all soccer girls who are usually happy to be covered with dirt, bruises and scrapes)

When their friends and their dad arrive to pick up Soccer Dad and his girls, a flurry of photographs was made even more exciting when their coach stopped by to pick up some paperwork and joined in the fun.  I’m not sure he recognized all his soccer girls though!

As we’re approaching the teen years and dating (gulp… no dating until 35, right?) I hope the girls will look back to this night and remember their Dad as the man they want their boyfriends to emulate. His presence, not only cheering on the sidelines of the field, but forefront in their lives, is a priority and even if it’s not appreciated in the moment, it will stay with them forever.


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