The Best Part About New Cleats?

…they don’t smell…yet!

My girls just love the new bright cleats- the brighter the better.  You seriously need sunglasses to look closely at the orange ones- the picture doesn’t do them justice.  It’s actually very convenient to have the bright cleats because sometimes it’s the only way I can tell who is who out on the field.  Another blonde ponytail girl on the team better not get orange or I’m in trouble.

Our coach wanted all the girls to get a specific cleat but it only came in boring black- they were not pleased.  Fortunately it only comes in adult sizes and neither of my girls are there yet.  Phew!  In addition to the bright colors, they love the soft Nike Vapor material.  (No, this post isn’t sponsored by Nike…I used my own shoe budget to purchase these!)

Speaking of my shoe budget, why is it that I mainly buy my shoes at Target and my girls get expensive cleats?  Ahh…because I’m a soccer mom, and I love it!


2 thoughts on “The Best Part About New Cleats?

  1. I think my daughter has those shoes on the bottom. And I agree…it’s the easiest way to find them out on the field. Yellow’s my favorite!

    And I have to laugh, because I see the tweet about the SC teen’s brutal assault on the right. My daughter plays in SC…not at those schools…and that video was being passed around like crazy the next day. And now it’s national news. Funny thing is that those schools aren’t even very competitive. What I see on the fields gets crazier every year!

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