Welcome to the Real Soccer Moms of So Cal blog.  We're two moms navigating our way through the competitive girls club soccer world one field at a time.  Although we don't drive mini-vans, we rely heavily on our SUVs, navigation systems and iPhones.  We want to take back the term "soccer mom" for ourselves, and the real soccer moms, as we have real issues and concerns for our soccer kids- we don't just drive carpool.

We met when our oldest daughters played on the same U9 club team and our families quickly became close friends.  When talking one night we discovered that both of us had searched for "soccer mom blogs" but couldn't find anything about the So Cal club soccer world and thus this blog was born.

We are in no way experts and are at the beginning of our journey, but now with four girls playing club soccer between the two of us we've learned many things the hard way.  We hope this will be a place to both share our journey and provide helpful articles and information.  Let us know what you think!

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